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I look forward to sharing devotional songs with you... 

I believe that everyone can sing. As they say in Zimbabwe: “If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance!”

I have taught music for over 30 years and have greatly enjoyed leading people in sacred song in a meditation center, community gatherings, benefit concerts and synagogues.

Singing devotional songs can be so fulfilling and heartwarming... connecting us with each other and with something that is greater than all of us.

Through this website I am offering to teach devotional songs to anyone who is interested. I have learned so many  songs in English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Latin and look forward to sharing some of them with you.

Please find a heading below that interests you the most, and contact me at for a free 10 minute introductory session on

If you find this is something you would enjoy, you are welcome to schedule a 30 minute ($30) or 40 minute ($40) session. Sessions are payable by clicking on this payment link.

You can choose from one or more of these kinds of songs:

Indian devotional songs and chants in Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit and/or Gujarati.

Hebrew Songs and Chants

Latin and English devotional songs and chants

Gospel Songs - Black, white, and blues

Brief musical bio: Grew up in a musical family and was singing in the Hebrew Home for the Aged at the age of five… Continued to learn songs, take private music lessons, and attend music summer camp each year till age 20...Led East Indian devotional singing in meditation center for eight years… Was a cantorial soloist for various synagogues from 1995-2011...
Taught flute, singing, harmonium and dulcimer for 30 years...

Enjoyed collaborating with musician friends to create CDs... you can listen here:

Some Other YouTube Links

Prayer For Well Being

Inner Light

Dawn Chants

and also here on YouTube  with a list of various songs as well.

Seeking to share the many melodies and beautiful meanings of the songs I have learned.... Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,
Hannah Schoen Caratti

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